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January 20th-21st, 2023


Race Tech Info Chassis Schools have a reputation of being designed for the racer and their team in mind. In today's dirt track world there is an abundance of information. Race Tech Info Chassis Schools will help you dissect this information and turn it into usable knowledge. This school will help you understand the theories and application to dirt chassis set up and tuning.


Race Tech Info Chassis School attendees' performance speaks for itself, with numerous victories, track championships, national championships, and careers full of success. Whether you race an IMCA Sport Mod, USRA B-Mod, MidWest Mod, or Limited Mod, this is the best way to learn about you race car and optimize your race equipment's performance. This class is suitable for any level 2 or 3 Link rear suspension with limited horsepower. Race Tech Info Chassis Schools help provide technical analysis in a way that you can understand to apply in the shop and at the track.

January 20-21, 2023

* Due to Activities in Ames these days be sure to Book  your Lodging ASAP. Hotel Rooms Are Filling Up Fast!  

Bob Harris Enterprises

2316 230th St. #202

Ames, IA 50014


Friday, January 20th:

  • 8:30 AM Registration

  • 9:00-NOON Classroom Instruction

  • NOON-1:00 Lunch at Classroom

  • 1:00-5:00 Classroom Instruction

Saturday​, January 21st:

  • 9:00-NOON Classroom Instruction

  • NOON-1:00 Lunch at Classroom

  • 1:00-5:00 Classroom Instruction


*Lunch is included both days*


  • 2 days of classroom education

  • Big screen powerpoint presentation with interactive Q & A

  • Front & rear chassis simulators for viewing moving suspension

  • Suspension components for hands on demonstration

  • Working shock displays that shows inside as the shock moves

  • On track and in car suspension video

  • FREE RTI T-Shirt

  • 150+ page chassis resource manual exclusive to attendees

  • Organize and maximize your race team's performance

  • Create better communication within your entire team

  • Proper maintenance for a season full of trips to victory lane

  • Create a base-line set up for different tracks and what the needs are for a different track size, layout, surface, and speed

  • The significance of front and rear geometry

  • Maximize your shock program and make the necessary adjustments

  • Utilize knowledge of the spring table, wight or ballast transfer, and make the proper turning adjustment

  • Weight or ballast placement and how to use placement as an advantageous tool for different applications

  • Dissect what the driver is feeling and what the chassis is doing

  • Evaluate the track and make proper adjustments to your set up

  • Make the most of your tires and manage them properly

  • How to make changes within your sanction limits to get the most from your race car

Bob Harris' Race Tech Info Chassis Schools are designed to help anyone who want to win more races! Our Iowa Sport Mod/B-Mod/Limited class is perfect for anyone who is involved with any type of limited chassis using a 2 or 3-Link or Limited Rear Suspension. This is the best way to learn about your race car and optimize your race equipment's performance within your specific class guidelines. IMPROVE YOUR RACE PROGRAM TODAY!